Environmental Impact Ranking

Each of the companies in the VV-Good Index are listed here in order of their environmental performance.

Increased regulation for environmental monitoring has supported with increased amounts of information disclosed along similar indicators. Gaining consensus on the same reporting parameters and even units, would aid comparison.

Monitoring performance on resource usage as well as emissions can inform organisations about potential areas of efficiency or waste.

Only two companies (Sanofi and Novartis) managed to grow in terms of sales revenue and reduce their waste and carbon emissions in 2011, showing the urgent need for more innovation and take up of efficiency in operations. 

Company Name Environmental Impact Score Company Ranking
Sanofi 0.21 (Prev): 6 7
Roche 0.28 (Prev): 4 3
Pfizer 0.07 (Prev): 8 10
Novartis 0.19 (Prev): 8 8
Merck 0.26 (Prev): 3 6
Johnson and Johnson 0.35 (Prev): 1 1
GlaxoSmithKline 0.28 (Prev): 10 3
Bayer HealthCare 0.30 (Prev): 5 2
AstraZeneca 0.17 (Prev): 7 9
Abbott Laboratories 0.28 (Prev): 2 3